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Today in the United States, and especially in the state of Arizona, the narcotics laws are vigorously enforced. An individual who is facing serious drug charges may be subject to a lengthy prison term. If you have been charged with possession of an illegal substance or have been accused of selling or distributing illegal drugs, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney by your side.

As a Trial Attorney and Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Paul Ramos has extensive knowledge of the Arizona court system. He can develop the best possible trial strategy and he routinely successfully defends individuals who are facing drug charges.

Common Criminal Narcotics Charges In Arizona

There are a variety of criminal drug charges in Arizona, including:

  • Possession. Drug possession charges depend on the classification of dangerous drugs (ARS § 13-3407), narcotics (ARS § 13-3408or marijuana (ARS § 13-3405)
  • Distribution or Trafficking. Selling or distributing any illegal drugs, or conspiring to distribute or sell drugs involve both federal and state laws (ARS § 13-3407, ARS § 13-3408)
  • Manufacturing. Growing or cultivating any drugs, including marijuana, or creating methamphetamines or crack cocaine or possessing manufacturing materials (ARS §13-3407, ARS §13-3408)
  • Prescription Fraud. Using fake or forged prescriptions or attempting to have legitimate prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy (ARS §13-3406)

How the Ramos Law Firm Can Defend Your Drug Charges

Paul Ramos has nearly 30 years of experience as a practicing Arizona criminal defense attorney and he also has expertise in federal drug laws. Mr. Ramos has a full understanding of the rules of evidence at trial, especially concerning narcotics. He has expertise in presenting evidence and he will vigorously defend you. Mr. Ramos also has long-standing relationships with state prosecutors that allow him to negotiate and arrange for plea bargains depending on the evidence in a case. If you are facing state or federal criminal drug charges, call the Ramos Law Firm today.

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